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Pushing Daisies Awards
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This is an awards community for Pushing Daisies icons
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Pushing Daisies Awards Rules and Guide
This is a community awards for all Pushing Daisies icons, where you can nominate your icons or icons by others. The comminuty was inspired by communities like lost_awards and fnl_awards.

Moderators: stelablack and ms_pollygreen.


Best Emotional icon – Alive Again
Best Relationship (non-romantic) icon – Crash Dummies
Best Black and White icon– Undead
Best Cropping icon – He Wanted to Tell Her Everything
Best Text icon – Such a Small Cheese Box
Best Textless icon – The things I Call Hands
Best Funny icon – I Love Pop Up Books
Best Actor/Actress icon – The Lonely Tourist
Best Shipper icon – We all Need to be Touched
Best Animated icon – Bitchy Cross Town Express
Best Use of Color icon - I Like It, It's Provocative



1. All icons must be related to the TV show Pushing Daisies.
2. For every icon that you nominate of your own you must nominate one by someone else.
3. Please, put all nominations behind a cut if you'll be nominating more than 3 icons.
4. All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements. (Under 40kb and 100x100 pixels or smaller.)
5. You can have limitless nominations, but please limit icons from one artist to three.
6. When posting nominations you must put the username of the maker next to each icon. PLEASE make sure to nominate the LJ USERNAME over a community that may have more than one artist.


1.Saturday a post will be made by one of the mods where you'll be able to vote on that post poll.
2.Do not vote for your won icon.


Nominating: Monday - Friday
Voting: Saturday - Sunday
Winners Annoucement: Monday Morning


Want to become one? Leave a comment here.



Community layout by outgone.
Community header, profile header and defult icon by ms_pollygreen.
Rules (modified) by lost_awards and fnl_awards.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide